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MPS members receive access to a platform of products and services designed to support grant research, writing, and reporting skills of Catholic missionaries and other grant seekers.  Member benefits include:


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  • Copy of 9th edition of the The MPS Funding Guide, including access to a digitized version
  • MPS Members-Only site featuring e-learning tools and resource materials designed to enhance your grant research and writing skills and abilities
  • Impactful Communications and Community building initiatives such as bi-annual newsletter, regular blog posts and members-only Facebook page
  • Access to MPS Grant writing workshops


$85 (+shipping & handling fee)

Members receive all the benefits of Basic membership PLUS:


  • Grant application advisory services – One to one advisory support via a 30 minute “document review session” conducted by an MPS Grant Writing Consultant

MPS membership term is two years or until the next edition of the MPS Funding Guide is released, whichever comes first.

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