1. Thou shalt never miss an application deadline because it will cause automatic disqualification of your application
  2.  Thou shalt not apply for a project that the foundation does not fund because this would be wasting your time (and theirs)
  3.  Honor the foundation and learn as much as you can about them from their website before beginning an application
  4.  Thou shalt not ask for more money than the foundation guidelines suggest
  5.  Honor the community the project supports by including their “local contribution” in the grant application
  1. Thou shalt always indicate, where true, that the grant project addresses a need that no other party is addressing
  2.  If a grant is made, always honor the foundation by completing a grant report, if required
  3.  Thou shalt always include a photo/photos with your application, if possible, to better tell your “story”
  4. Thou shalt always indicate in the application the impact, in numerical terms, that the grant project would have on the local community 
  5. Thou shalt always have one specific person who is responsible for the grant process:  preparation, timely submission and reporting

Heed these commandments!

Arthur A. Pingolt, Jr