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Dear sister and brother missionaries,

I know that is NOT how the song goes!   And I also am pretty sure that the Wise Men were not submitting grant applications either ?.

BUT, I do believe there are at least two reasons to reflect on during this Advent/Christmas Season that each of you are like Magi as you write grant applications for your projects:

First, each of you, like the Magi, offer great gifts in the deeply important projects you “give” to a foundation to consider:  the GOLD of the boys and girls your projects assist;  the MYRRH of the health clinics and schools you offer;  and the FRANKINCENSE of your pastoral and prayerful works.   Any good foundation officer is always humbled by how much good he or she is being asked to support.

Second, each of you are like Magi in your own persons.  We know from history that each of the Wise Men were important and high respected people in each of the countries from which they came to Bethlehem.  In the same way, veteran foundation officers have great respect for the missionaries submitting applications, knowing that in their own countries they are superiors, provincials, directors and spiritual leaders.  Each of you are KINGS and QUEENS in the service of the Gospel.

The Incarnation, that God would become one of us, is a mystery.  And once in a while, when success seems impossible, grant writing can feel like a mystery.  But at this time of year, let’s remember the Star that we are following and the hope that Star also gives to those we serve.

Christmas thanks from MPS that each of you are out there doing what you do!