Grant writing workshops lead to project funding success!

Did you know that on average, annual fundraising results increase by over $30,000 when fundraising training and education is added*? 

*Sargeant, Eisenstein & Kottasz. 2016 

MPS delivers impactful three to five-day workshops to enhance the grant writing and project management effectiveness of Catholic Missionaries. 

MPS Workshop topics include:Honduras Training 2019

  • Grant Writing Fundamentals
  • Advanced Grant Writing
  • Funder Identification
  • Project Cycle Management
  • Strategic Planning and Change Management
  • Additional topics available upon request

MPS Workshops may be hosted by episcopal conferences, dioceses, individual congregations or other groups.  Workshop attendees are determined by the workshop host and/or sponsor.

Workshops can be provided in-country or on-line and delivered in English, Spanish and French. 


MPS Workshops Have Been Presented on all 7 Continents.  Recent locations include:fr lord training 2

  • Chennai, INDIA
  • Bogota, COLUMBIA
  • Kinshasa, CONGO
  • Asuncion, PARAGUAY
  • Lima, PERU
  • Jakarta, INDONESIA
  • Port-Au-Prince, HAITI
  • Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA
  • Rome, ITALY
  • Colombo, SRI LANKA
  • Havana, CUBA
  • Buenos Aries, ARGENTINA
  • Tegucigalpa, HONDURAS
  • Panama City, PANAMA


To view a sample MPS Workshop Agenda for our Grant Writing Fundamentals course, click here.

If you want to host and/or attend an MPS Workshop please send an inquiry to MPS, please contact us.