The Power of “Local Contribution”

The Power of “Local Contribution”

“Is there a Local Contribution?”  


This is the question that every missionary should ask her or himself when completing an application for a project grant.   If there is not a specific line on the application itself for this information, be sure to announce your “local contribution” as early in the application as appropriate.


SO WHAT IS A ‘LOCAL CONTRIBUTION?’  Your “local contribution” is what you- your congregation, the people who are directly assisted by the grant, or the local community– contributes to the total cost of the project.


“Local contribution” is often not money.  It can be time that people contribute in manual labor, it can be local expertise such as a work provided by a teacher, a nurse or an engineer.  But if it is money, even a small amount, its symbolic power is very strong for a foundation who reads your application.  If it is all three-  labor, expertise, money– even better!


It shows that you believe enough in the project’s worth to give from your own limited financial resources to make the sacrifice.  The contribution of time and labor shows that not only do you believe, you are in fact committed to making this project succeed.


Finally, it will give the applicant a sense of confidence that their application is much more than “begging” but rather, an invitation to become a true “partner” with the local missionary and community who will see the project to completion.


IMPORTANT:  the “local contribution” can come from people of all ages.  Of particular value would be showing that young people or children also want to make a contribution.  Young people are the future of your mission and its project and this will leave foundations feeling there is a real future to your good work.


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