You can afford an MPS grant writing workshop

MPS can help you find a sponsor for your grant writing workshop

You can afford an MPS grant writing workshop

Since my time studying Latin as a Catholic high schooler, there are three Latin phrases that remain indelible in my mind. The first two of these phrases remind me of the MPS grant writing workshops that we provide around the world:

Solvitur Abuiando: “solve by walking”

Age quod Agis: “do what you are doing”

The first phrase, “solvitur ambulando” is attributed to St. Augustine, and reminds me of a teacher or a coach who would say “practice makes perfect.” Augustine is telling us that we can only talk about a problem so much, then we have to get moving and try to solve it.

The second phrase, “age quod agis,” is most often attributed to the Jesuits and St. Ignatius’ Spiritual Exercises but has recently been used in the modern Yoga movement to point out mindfulness. To “do what you are doing” is simple, but deceptively so: it requires presence and focus on what it is you are called to do.

The MPS Grant writing Workshops operate according to the principles behind both of these phrases: practice what you need to do, don’t just talk about it AND to do that you need to give it some focus.

The MPS Grant writing Workshops will help you with both of these.

SO WHY NOT HOST A WORKSHOP? MPS is in touch with foundations and Church organizations who would probably help. Just one restriction: the workshop cannot be for just one congregation of sisters, priests or brothers.

Funders almost always want the workshop to be open to a religious conference or episcopal conference.

Bring the idea up to your local episcopal or religious conference…then contact us for guidance!

And that third phrase that I cannot forget? “Semper ubi sub ubi.”

It represents good advice but I’ll let you find that translation yourself.

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