“Knowing how to ask” is critical in whether or not a grant application is approved or denied. At an MPS workshop, practice makes perfect.

Workshops: MPS provides impactful, local workshops to help members increase their effectiveness in using the MPS Funding Guide to obtain support for pastoral and human-development programs and projects.


Workshops of two, three, or four days have been given in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean, and the Pacific. In fact, MPS workshops have been given on all 7 continents! This include workshops for Episcopal conferences, men and women religious, dioceses, individual congregations or other groups.


The composition of the workshops – which typically includes priests, other religious and laypersons – is determined by the sponsors. To view a sample workshop agenda outline and additional workshop information including associated costs – see below.

Past and Future Workshop Locations     brownPing Past         bluePing Future

Workshop Outline and Associated Costs


Sample Agenda

Day 1

Joining exercise for participants


Review of materials and workshop objectives


Participant sharing of needs and expectations


How to use the MPS Funding Guide


Role of local Grant Director

Day 2

Identifying & endorsing mission project needs


Matching needs with Funders


Identifying projects that DO and DON’T qualify


Review of Information and materials needed for application


Drafting the Statement of Need

Day 3

Drafting a complete application: Online and hard copy proprietary form and MPS model application


Suggested MPS Approach


Small group drafting and Large group review


Reporting on successful grant applications


Q/A of drafting & reporting


Review of successful/sample grant applications


Summary of all workshop components

Program Overview


MPS workshop instructors are provided a teaching stipend, airfare and local transfers and room and board. Workshop hosts pay, at a reduced group price, for any needed MPS Funding Guides, and expenses related to the venue of the workshop. Room and board costs for workshop attendees is determined locally.


NOTE: Very often, the host can obtain sponsorship of the workshop through their episcopal conference. Contact MPS for additional information.


MPS instructors conduct workshops in English or French or Spanish. Rarely, based on instructor availability, simultaneous translation may be needed.


It is recommended that workshops be requested at least 6-12 months in advance, which allows not only for MPS planning of resources but also for the host to obtain funding that may be available.

Estimated Cost

$7,000 USD*


* Based on an estimate of expenses for a 3-4 day workshop for up to 60 and includes instructor airfare, transfers and lodging, MPS administrative fee, teaching stipend, and MPS membership & the MPS Funding Guide – This estimate does NOT include costs associated with conference facilities, group meals or participant travel.


Additional questions related to workshops can be submitted to Arthur Pingolt, apingolt@oblatepartnership.org