Grant Writing can be a difficult task!  It’s nearly impossible to “cut corners” and still obtain the funding you need.   Writing a winning proposal requires effort:  strategic reflection, accurate information, and adhering to all deadlines and requirements.

Mission Project Service provides Catholic missionaries with the knowledge and resources needed to achieve funding success. Our goal is to help you become a better grant writer so your projects and the people you serve can benefit.

How we can help

To find success as a grant writer, you need to commit to the step-by-step process of composing a winning grant proposal. Like any other skill, becoming an efficient grant writer doesn’t happen overnight.  However, MPS has many tools to help you increase your effectiveness. Whether it is our online grant writing tools and resources, or the 10th edition of the MPS Funding Guide that lists over 300 funding agencies that may support projects like yours, MPS is here for you. 

MPS Tools for you

We provide resources that every Catholic missionary can utilize to achieve funding success. The MPS Grant Writing Glossary helps you understand the terminology that is used throughout the application process. We encourage you to download this document and refer to it often as you write. 

MPS has also broken down a real proposal that was awarded funding for you to download and review. Though it’s important to remember that every proposal is going to be different, it can be helpful to have a finished product to reflect on. 

Finally, after you have completed the writing process, remember to utilize the MPS Grant Writing Checklist prior to submitting your proposal. The editing process is critical to increasing your chances for success.  

Keep Up to Date with MPS

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