Grant writing workshops lead to project funding success!

Did you know that on average, annual fundraising results increase by over $30,000 when fundraising training and education is added*? 

*Sargeant, Eisenstein & Kottasz. 2016 

MPS delivers impactful three to five-day workshops to enhance the grant writing and project management effectiveness of Catholic Missionaries. 

NEW FOR 2023:  Grant Writing 101 for Catholic Missionaries (GW 101) - an online, on-demand e-Learning course designed just for you!  Click HERE to learn more about this exciting opportunity to grow your grant research, writing, and reporting skills AND funding success!

MPS Workshop topics include:Honduras Training 2019

  • Grant Writing Fundamentals
  • Advanced Grant Writing
  • Funder Identification
  • Project Cycle Management
  • Strategic Planning and Change Management
  • Additional topics available upon request

MPS Workshops may be hosted by episcopal conferences, dioceses, individual congregations or other groups.  Workshop attendees are determined by the workshop host and/or sponsor.

Workshops can be provided in-country or on-line and delivered in English, Spanish and French. 


MPS Workshops Have Been Presented on all 7 Continents.  Recent locations include:fr lord training 2

  • Chennai, INDIA
  • Bogota, COLUMBIA
  • Kinshasa, CONGO
  • Asuncion, PARAGUAY
  • Lima, PERU
  • Jakarta, INDONESIA
  • Port-Au-Prince, HAITI
  • Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA
  • Rome, ITALY
  • Colombo, SRI LANKA
  • Havana, CUBA
  • Buenos Aries, ARGENTINA
  • Tegucigalpa, HONDURAS
  • Panama City, PANAMA


To view a sample MPS Workshop Agenda for our Grant Writing Fundamentals course, click here.

If you want to host and/or attend an MPS Workshop please send an inquiry to MPS, please contact us.