I am in the middle of an experience that causes me to risk your seeing me and MPS as a broken record. What do I mean?

This past summer I have worked with missionaries in Zambia and Mexico to submit applications to a US foundation. The proposals are compelling, reasonable and promise high impact for the foundation. For one of these, however, we forgot to include an important requirement of the application: “Endorsement of the Local Ordinary (bishop).”

All that work and it may fail because of just one detail, but an important one for this foundation.

Please see page 30 of the MPS Funding Guide and add a #13 to the checklist: “Include all requirement endorsements.”

In seeking these endorsements, ask for them early in the process. One popular foundation I know only allows 1 application per mission diocese. Bishops in particular are often juggling priorities of endorsing local, diocesan projects and religious congregations can sometimes take second place. The response from bishops is often more supportive if no other application is seen to compete with you, so it is best to ask early.

Missing important details happens to the best of us- I’ll let you know how things turn out for Zambia and Mexico!



  1. Cover Letter
  2. Title Page (Separate)
  3. Summary (Separate)
  4. Introductions
  5. Problem Statement
  6. Program Objectives
  7. Methods
  8. Budget
  9. Future Funding
  10. Monitoring
  11. Evaluation
  12. Appendicies
  13. Include All Required Endorsements