Dear sister and brother missionaries,

I want to share with you an important insight that affects all of us.

Last week I had lunch with a man who had recently retired from being the president of a foundation for a large pharmaceutical company.   The company foundation made grants to assist medical needs all around the world, and the retired president was a kindly man who I could tell wanted to help as many as possible.

I remarked to him that it must be difficult for him to say reject applicants, because there are so many worthwhile projects around the world.

When Maryknoll missionary George Cotter, MM, founded Mission Project Service (MPS) over 40 years ago, his goal was to provide information to missionaries, contact data for foundations and organizations who would likely support mission projects, if they were made known to them by missionaries. His work, subsequently shared by the Sacred Heart Fathers and Brother of Christian Instruction, led to the creation of the Funding Guide you now have as part of your Membership in the new MPS. With the 9 th edition of the Funding Guide, the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate (OMI) are proud to carry on this very important work.

It is our goal in 2016 to keep the best of MPS and add even more for its members to achieve greater vitality and community in their ministries- today we offer not only “information” but “connectivity” too. Even though MPS works with missionaries in nearly every country in the developing world, the technology available to us now will allow us to not only provide you a book, but a resource that will travel with you, digitally, and a website platform that will truly foster both community and ongoing learning for missionary women and men.